About Us

Who are we.

Historically Selka began as a family business during the industrial revolution of the 19th century. Selka is an icon of the traditional Bradford worsted trade at the heart of British fabric manufacturing in Yorkshire. The company has been a constant presence as the fortunes of the British textile industry have evolved over the last century. Selka has been a major employer and innovator in textiles throughout its history. Today Selka is part of one of the strongest and largest textile groups in England. Selka is arguably the longest established and best known of the British fabric suppliers in the Middle East. We have built the very strong relationships required to be successful in markets where personal connections go hand in hand with quality, reliability, service, trustworthiness and the ability to bring the right products to the market. Selka has built a respectable reputation that cannot be achieved over night.

What do we do.

Selka is focused on providing designed collections and fabrics specifically for the markets in the Middle East  countries. Each year our dedicated sales staff make markets visits throughout the area timed exactly to meet the customers buying requirements.  Selka has long standing and successful representations in all major cities, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh & Jeddah), Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The experience of our sales and design team in providing collections specifically for the market is second to none. Our collection includes, but not limited to wool and wool/cashmere fabrics from Super 120s to Super 180s qualities, in light, medium and heavy weights. New designs are presented each collection in all 3 weights and we have a fantastic range of plains in a wide variety of qualities and weights with an unrivaled colour range to choose from.  Selka is ultimately recognized for its Imperial Venetian fabric known simply to many as 323 quality it is the most famous, original and best Herbid in the market.

Why we are the best in the world.

Selka provides the best resource of genuine woven in England fabric for the Middle East markets. All fabric is woven in our own factory integrated with our sales and design office in the same historic building. We have a professional team dedicated to providing the best worsted fabric in the world drawn from the generations of local expertise in the area. We look to the future as the traditions of our industry are passed from father to son. The strength of Selka is drawn from its unique position in a group of British textiles companies involved at every stage of production. Our dedicated technicians and management team are fully experienced in selecting the finest raw materials and managing our high quality weaving facility. All Selka fabrics are finished using the finest processes available today in the same fresh, clean waters drawn for the Yorkshire landscape as our forefathers. We are constantly researching and developing to update the traditional quality of our fabrics. Selka has been around a long time and with our focus on constant development we intend to be a strong supplier to all those in the market looking for the finest qualities and a company dedicated to their market.